“Restorations and reproductions of frames in traditional works”​

Julia Markert is the protagonist with her Florentine laboratory of a traditional craft and her international clientele includes gallery owners, antique dealers and even some museums.

From “Heritage”, nr. 04/2013 (Article in German)

Golden Wood

Julia Markert has a workshop in the heart of Florence where she gildes wood, especially frames. Having arrived in the city to learn Italian and with the intention of staying only three months, she instead established her home in the Tuscan capital.

From “Mercedes”, nr. 03, 09/2002 (Article in Italian)

“Golden touch: pure gold leaf”

Our laboratory has been dealing mainly with the restoration of gilded objects and the production of frames in the antiques and modernism sector for more than 15 years, from the elaborate and important frame to the individual mirror for furnishings. Our international customers choose from a vast range of frames and mirrors, following their own taste.[…]

From “Lusso e Mercati”, 04/09/2007 (Article in Italian)

Oltrarno Donna

Ateliers, galleries and laboratories follow one another. Two hundred meters of road, a few steps from Piazza Pitti, which change its face. […] “Something is moving but craftsmanship is no longer what it used to be – concludes Julia, who has a frame workshop – we hope that they are all activities destined to remain and not change again after a few months”.

From “Corriere Fiorentino”, 22 May 2012 (Article in Italian)

Antique wood and gold leaf

Restorations, replicas and original creations. These are the frames that are born from the golden hands of Julia Markert, a young German artisan who trained and works in Florence. From here, embracing the ancient traditions of the Tuscan city, it has established itself on the world art market.

From “Luxury Observatory”, attached to the newspaper Il Giornale, January 2016 (Article in Italian)

Art is the work and what frames it

In Julia Markert’s Florentine atelier, to discover how museum quality frames are created which have the difficult task of enhancing and exalting artistic expressions.

From “Toscana EXPO”, July 2015 (Article in Italian)

An ancient artisan heritage

A century-old tradition lives again in Florence, thanks to Julia Markert, who in her atelier restores and replicates frames according to the desired era “thanks to ancient techniques that are gradually disappearing”.

From “Industria”, attachment to the newspaper Il Giornale, October 2018 (Article in Italian)

Florence, capital of the Renaissance

A stone’s throw from Palazzo Pitti and the Boboli Gardens is Julia Markert’s laboratory, specialized in the restoration of gilded objects and the production of handcrafted frames in the antiques sector.

From “Orizzonte Italia”, 2014 (Article in Russian)

Tour of the Oltrarno workshops

From “Traditionelles Kunsthandwerk” (Article in German) Oltrarno

The sorceress of gold leaves

[…] In the Tuscan capital Julia has her own shop. “I came to Italy when I was only twenty years old, with a great love for art and very few ideas about what to do when I grew up.” Enlightenment came with an apprenticeship alongside a frame gilder […]

Publication 2002 (Article in Italian)

Artisans in Tuscany

I was fascinated by the shops and, suddenly, I understood what I wanted to do when I grew up. If you have a goal, you can also live with little. And now, when I look at the hills around my house, I know I made the right choice.

Publication 2002 (Article in Italian)

The Golden Touch

Paintings are always unique pieces, only the right frame truly enhances them, so it must be chosen correctly.

From “Country Homes”, nr. September/October/November 2006(Article in German)