Restoration with Fine Gold Leaf

Ensures a long life to the frames, protecting them from the vagaries of time and enhancing details of their original beauty.


Interventions ensuring historical fidelity and durability over time

Antique Materials

To preserve authenticity and enhance the aesthetic and economic value of the work

Beauty and Authenticity

The awakening of the beauty of the work hidden with time

in Quality Restoration

Preserving the integrity and authenticity of the works

Deciding to restore an artwork requires maximum expertise and delicacy.

The challenge lies in finding a restoration service which not only provides technical competence but also highly skilled craftsmanship capable of enhancing and respecting the work. Without this expertise, there is a real risk that the restoration may alter or even worsen the conditions, compromising its authenticity.

It is therefore essential to ensure that the materials used are appropriate to achieve a result which is authentic and respectful of the work.

with Julia Markert

The deep touch which makes beauty eternal

The Julia Markert atelier specializes in frame restoration, combining highly skilled craftsmanship with a profound respect for the history of each work of art.

Thanks to extensive experience, accurate restoration is guaranteed, restoring each work to its original splendor. Traditional techniques and the use of authentic materials allow for the enhancement of the beauty of the works while preserving their integrity and historical value.

This translates into:

  • A faithful restoration which respects the authenticity and integrity of the works.
  • Personalized consultancy for a tailored service.
  • Punctual deliveries, respecting agreed timelines.
  • A resplendently restored frame.

Contact me to initiate the restoration process and witness the rebirth of the work.

Frame Restoration

Preserving artistic heritage

Restoration is a crucial activity for the preservation of historical artifacts, such as architecture, manuscripts, and paintings, repairing damaged or missing parts caused by time and accidents.

As a Florentine artisan, I work with fine gold leaf applied to a particular surface to create an effect known as ‘craquelure’; the gold patina is of utmost importance.

This specific gilding technique ensures that the result of the work is as realistic and close to perfection as possible, and to achieve this, a special coating is applied and then patiently removed in various stages. This lengthy process requires utmost dedication and expertise.


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