Italian Antique Frame Collection

An exclusive collection of original antique frames from the 15th to the 18th century, selected for their authenticity and beauty.


The antique frames in my collection are authentic pieces of history which exude elegance and charm.

Every frame has been chosen for its originality in both era and style, representing a true journey through Italian art from the 15th to the 18th century. Owning one of these frames means embracing a fragment of the past, bringing a touch of authenticity into your home or collection.

For original antique frames, a selection of pieces is available which not only visually enriches the artwork but also enhances its value and narrative.

As part of our production, we frequently focus on creating important and complex frames with richly carved ornaments for well-known paintings such as those by Pontormo, Caravaggio, or Ribera, drawings by Dürer, lithographs by Picasso, or works by Klaus Fußmann or Arnold Fiedler.

Each frame is tailored to the individual artwork; the choice of various models is extensive. Our clientele spans across Europe, sometimes even reaching the United States or Eastern countries.


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