Traditional Replica Frames

Enhancing the artwork with a perfect replica of a custom-made antique frame, handcrafted with original materials and details.

The unique combination of the painting, the individual preferences of the owner, and the artistry in the traditional execution of the craft create unique pieces – A REPLICA.

Every tiny detail corresponds in Patina and Craquelé to the Original. My specialization lies both in executing a particular and complex patina as well as in a unique preparation of the underlayer to achieve the so-called “craquelure” of gold.

These two lengthy and specialized processes produce an excellent result in gilding, thereby increasing the authenticity of the objects. The knowledge and skills of craving is often executed using antique wood.

and Frame

In search of the ideal balance

Choosing the ideal frame for an artwork is a delicate task. The challenge lies in discerning which style can best enhance it, especially when dealing with valuable pieces.

Finding an artisan capable of offering frames which fully reflect aesthetic and qualitative values and are worthy of the most prestigious works is also complicated.

For those who own or appreciate high-level artworks, it is crucial that every detail, including the frame, is carefully attended to, reflecting the prestige of the artwork.


Historical Fidelity and High-Quality Craftsmanship

The Julia Markert atelier specializes in handcrafting perfect replica frames for important artworks, using original materials and details from the period to ensure maximum historical fidelity.

Each frame seamlessly integrates with the artwork and the environment, thanks to careful craftsmanship on antique wood using the craquelure technique and patination, ensuring the perfect correspondence of every detail with the original.

The acquired specialization allows for the creation of custom frames which:

  • Enhance the beauty of the artwork
  • Become precious objects of artistic value themselves.

Through personalized consultation, it is possible to select from various models, historical periods, and details and preview the new frame.



Various Applications

Preparing the wooden surface to proceed with gilding.

Gesso & Gold Leaf

Dissolved in an appropriate adhesive, rabbit skin glue is brushed several times onto the surface to create the right elasticity and softness and then scraped to achieve a smooth surface.


The earthy bolo paste is diluted in fish glue and applied in three layers.

Fine Gold Leaf

Applying the precious gold leaf requires considerable expertise in the technique to apply it evenly and flawlessly.


Using an agate stone hours after gilding, depending on humidity, makes the gold shiny and reflective, ensuring the drying of the support gypsum without excessive dehydration.


It is carried out in various ways, giving liquid solutions based on tempera, powders, glues, or other substances to dull the brilliance of the new gold state, approaching the original state of the object.


For a perfect custom replica from an antique frame which perfectly enhances the artwork, book your free consultation.

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