How long does it take to create a custom antique frame?

The time needed to create custom antique frames varies based on the complexity of the project. During the consultation, I provide you with a time estimate based on the specifics of the work and your needs.

I have an exclusive selection of antique Italian vintage frames, from the 15th to the 18th century, each with its own history and unique character, selected for their authenticity and beauty.

The restoration process requires in-depth knowledge of historical techniques and original materials and is based on a personalized approach. I use traditional techniques and authentic materials to preserve the integrity and aesthetics of the frame, while maintaining its authenticity.

To evaluate antique frames, it is important to examine the era, type, quality of the material, complexity of the carving, and authenticity of the techniques. The presence of original details and the overall condition of the frame are key factors.

The cost of a custom-made traditional replica depends on various factors, such as the size, type of wood, complexity of the design and finishing techniques required. During our consultation, I will provide you with a detailed quote, which will take into account your needs and preferences.

Cleaning antique frames should be done with caution to avoid damage. It is advisable to use a soft, dry cloth to remove dust. For more thorough cleaning, contact me: I will be happy to provide you with specific advice based on the type of material and finish of the frame.