The tradition of the handcrafted Art in golden hands


The development and handcrafting of the Art of Framing continues to take part of a rich tradition, with origins still scenting the old renaissance alleys of the ancient metropolis of Florence. Once the most famous centres of the world, a Renaissance city, for the most crafted Artists, Sculptors, Furniture makers, Artisans, and Craftsman’s of all kinds.
Just here, on Via Romana 72 R, along what was once the ancient road coming into Florence from Rome, just past the grand Portal Entry Gates to the city, you will find, before reaching Palazzo Pitti, a magnificent Framing Atelier Workshops just outside the famous Boboli Gardens. This Atelier is that of Julia  Markert.

Exactly 20 years ago, Julia Markert, arrived to Florence shortly after completing her classic secondary school studies in Hamburg, Germany.
From the first moment she arrived in Florence, Julia’s passionate interest in classic framing artistry, continued to only grow stronger each day, as she realized her deep passionate dreams, and her desire to pursue and realize this inherent talent she felt within herself, to learn every dimension and facet of  the Art and craft of Old  master Framers.
Julia studied for two years, with the Academy for the ART AND RESTORATION of PALLAZO SPINELLI, followed by several years of intense apprenticeship and continued HANDS ON working experience and training, in several of the most important traditional framing workshops in Florence. She specialized her work in the highest levels of Antique Frame Restoration, Gilding, Frame decorations, and  Furnishings alike.

Julia decided to open her own Atelier Workshop, and contribute her part in the continuation of a somewhat diminishing Art of Framing.

Her workshop has joined in with the other most prominent Framing Atelier Workshops in Florence, where she learned her craft.

Julia Markert

In last the 15 years, her boutique Framing Atelier along the Roman Way, has been discovered by a growing International market of  prominent Art Dealers, Antiquarians, Galleries, Museums and Collectors.
She has created an Atelier unlike any other, to meet your every need  in the creation, re-creation, restoration, valuation and location of  some of the finest frames worldwide.
Julia Markert’s dedication, is not only to recovering these amazing objects of Art, but to giving them a just balance, true to its original artistry, as much as possible. Taking great care and  interest in keeping alive the oldest techniques and traditions of  this centuries old handicraft and continuing a tradition of Masters.

Each Frame that enters or leaves her workshop, is truly a handmade, one of a kind creation, authentic to its traditional crafting based on the classical techniques, materials and procedures used of a by-gone era, but continued in her workshop today.
Let Julia leave her golden touch on your highly regarded frames, new or old, that adorn your prized treasures of art.
She looks forward to providing you with the highest quality and level of service you can imagine, for all your framing needs.